Features of G Suite

G Suite is a strong / robust cloud-based collaboration and productivity tool that ensures a business work efficiently. Trusted by more than 5 million active users, it is designed for your workplace.

Easy Collaboration With Google Docs

Google Docs helps a team to collaborate anytime, anywhere. For example, a team can revise and manage a doc together in real-time.

Merge Data On Sheets

Combine your entire data in a single “Sheet” with IMPORT RANGE function. Its recommended to import data rather than merely copying it.

Extract Valuable Work Insights

The Work Insights dashboard helps a user to generate information and manage work in a better way. This tool helps to generate analysis and similar reports.

Close Caption Function In Google Slides

“Closed captioning” feature enables Slides to transcribe whatever a user speaks on the slide. Click on Present and Closed Captioning.

Smart Compose On

A predictive writing suggestion feature that enables Gmail to autocomplete email as a user composes. It auto-fills in commonly used sentences and suggests appropriate words as per the context.

Security And Compliance

G Suite security platform is designed to detect threats that can affect cloud-based apps. It is trusted by businesses to enable optimum higher security.

Benefits of G Suite

By expanding upon the ownership of the email account, G Suite can help companies increase workplace productivity and eliminate inefficiencies.

Data Protection

A user can store, access, manage and share data files safely with G Suite. It gives assurance to safeguard the business data even when it is lost.

Easy Sharing

You can easily share Google documents or data files with anyone. You can also restrict another person’s accessibility by enabling view-only access.

Unlimited Storage

It provides unlimited storage for your applications, data, files, docs, media, etc. It will help a user to store everything they need.

Economical Platform

The suite plans are economical, and with a subscription, users can use features such as eDiscovery capabilities, unlimited data storage, etc. Pay as you need.

Business Domain Name

With G Suite, a company gets ownership of the email accounts. For example, instead of using abc@gmail.com, a user will be able to use abc@companyname.com.

CRM Integrations

G Suite is compatible and highly synced with CRM solutions. It enables seamless communication and reporting where companies can track leads, prospects, etc.

Select G Suite Plan

G Suite Basic Plan

₹ 2,520/User/Year + Tax

Professional Suite with 30GB Storage


Gmail for Business

Video & voice conferencing (Hangout Chats)

Secure team messaging

Shared Calendars


Documents, spreadsheets, and presentations


30GB Cloud – Data Storage


24/7 support via phone, email and online platform

Security and admin controls

– Alert centre for G Suite

G Suite Business Plan

₹ 8568/User/Year + Tax

Enhanced suite with unlimited data storage and archiving

Same as Basic Plan+


Low-code app development environment


Unlimited Cloud – Data Storage

Google Cloud search for smart search


Security and admin controls

– Archive and set retention policies for emails and chats

Data regions for G Suite

eDiscovery capabilities for email, chats and files

– Audit reports to track user activity

G Suite Enterprise Plan

₹ 19,800/User/Year + Tax

Premium suite with advanced controls and capabilities

Same as Business Plan+


Cloud Identify Premium

Security and admin controls

– Security centre for G Suite

– Access Transparency

– eDiscovery capabilities for email, chats and files

– Data Loss prevention for Gmail and Drive

– Hosted S/MIME for Gmail

– Integrate Gmail with third-party archiving tools

– Enterprise-grade access control with security key enforcement

– Gmail log analysis in BigQuery