Our story

We are a Pune-based emerging IT company all set to take off into the global market with its elite IT solutions. OAO (Online-Aryen-Organization) INDIA derives its name from its founder Master Aryen Suresh Kute. He at mere schoolboy age of ten with his intellectual capabilities not only suggested of expanding the empire of The Kute Group in areas of IT services but also took the responsibility to shoulder the most prominent position at OAO INDIA.

His intuition & experiences with the high-tech applications and desire to make amazing gaming solutions that will be liked and played by all age groups were the motivation behind ideation and emergence of OAO INDIA. When he proposed his desire to start a Gaming and Web Development Company; his parents influenced by his vision decided to support him in this venture. Master Aryen is not only a bright student at school but his love and dedication in observing industry processes make him desire prosperity for the company and mankind at large through the products and services of the organization.

Our team

OAO Info India Pvt Ltd is an IT Solutions company providing services of Web Design, Web Development, Game Development and Digital Marketing. As The Kute Group has been prominent in the diverse business sectors in India since long, the upbringing of OAO INDIA is thoroughly enlightened. The technical team of OAO INDIA is highly skilled, proficient, and experienced. Each one of them puts their best foot forward in creating outstanding solutions. Our expert technical team indulges creatively in their respective work and contributes dedicatedly in providing the best-in-class solutions to our clients. We aim in creating solutions that are remarkable and prove an unforgettable experience for our Clients.

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“To be one of the best IT Companies providing top-notch solutions delivered by best-in-class people satisfying the expectations of clients.”

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“Provide the best solutions through innovation, bringing our customers a delightful experience.”

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the promising tomorrow

We, here at OAO INDIA believe in achieving constant improvements in each single work. Each day for us is the day of new innovations & ideas. Every single member of OAO INDIA indulges and contributes to the fullest in the process of creating a promising & excellent solution that helps business organizations to grow. We aim to provide incredible gaming experiences that delight and excite people of all age groups. With our promising tomorrow before us, we aspire to create numerous IT & Digital Marketing solutions and to become one of the best enterprises across the globe.

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