Mobile Games vs PC Games – The Current Trends

Mobile devices have changed to a great extent in the last few years. With powerful processors and RAM sizes increasing rapidly, they have grown close to being competitive with PCs, especially with mobile devices using the cloud now. Today with an array of devices developed, a gamer just needs to plug in his mobile phone into the docking station and connect to the big screen for a gaming experience of that on a PC.

The gaming industry has begun to shift dramatically in India, establishing itself as one of the top gaming markets in the world. The graph below shows detailed mobile games statistics and insights into the India Android game market with a focus on mobile games only.

In 2019 the global gaming market was valued at USD 151.55 billion, and is expected to reach a value of USD 256.97 billion by 2025, registering a CAGR of 9.17% over the forecast period (2020 – 2025). With the number of Gamers constantly increasing worldwide, Game developers across emerging economies are constantly striving to enhance gamers’ experience by developing codes for diverse console/platforms, such as Xbox, PlayStation, and Windows PC.

Games from Indian Publishers?

With more than 19,500 games from Indian publishers on Google Play. Mobile Games with the most downloads from Indian publishers are Ludo King™, Bottle Shooting Game, Ludo SuperStar, Street Chaser, Carrom Superstar, Lucky Toss 3D – Toss & Win Big, Bottle Shooting Game 2, Callbreak Superstar, Carrom King™ – Best Online Carrom Board Pool Game, Modern Bus Simulator Parking New Games – Bus Games.

There are more than 5,495 Indian publishers on Google Play out of over 169,670 game publishers. 4% of all mobile games on Google Play are from Indian publishers.

Overall, 3% of all game publishers on Google Play are from India.

PC games are browser-based games or can be downloaded onto a PC.

Mobile Games are games that are played on smartphones, tablets, and similar devices. With increased mobile screens and better resolutions, it’s possible to play games that could once only seem feasible with a PC.

PC Game Market Trends, Pros and Cons

The early 2000s gave access to the rise of casual games as personal computers started trending to a greater extent. A few years before, the market was dominated by 8 to 16-bit Atari gaming consoles (wikipedia link, can keep or remove) that allowed players to play their games on the home TV in an advanced manner. Gradually, PCs were established as the only reliable gaming foundation for serious gamers. Video games became fun with powerful processors and graphic cards.

Since then, the world of PC games has grown aggressively; that was once traditionally dominated by PC games like Counter-Strike and League of Legends, to name a few.

Coming to the development side below points highlight some of the pros and cons that come with PC Games and Mobile Games.


  • Using out-of-the-box engines like Unity makes PC games easy to develop.
  • Pc Games do not require an additional development kit.
  • They are easy to publish on supporting platforms like Steam or Epic Store. (Link can be kept or removed as desired)
  • PC gamers can enjoy a great variety of genres.
  • Investors can try to invest in the PC Game Market.


  • There is a lack of quality control in the saturated market.
  • Thankfully no decline, but the PC market shows growth relatively slowly.
  • Many countries cant have access to PCs (as they are expensive); hence Gamers can’t enjoy them.

Mobile Game Market Trends, Pros and Cons

Today, the mobile phone game sector is a revolution that is dominating the gaming industry, especially with the participation of youth. The reason is apparent. As everyone today carries a mobile device at all times. The future of the mobile game market looks bright with advanced technology and more access of people to the internet globally.


  • Mobile games are easy to develop as well using out-of-the-box engines like Unity or Unreal and can be developed without an additional development kit.
  • Mobile Games are relatively easy to publish on supporting platforms like Android or iOS. (Google Play or iTunes)
  • Through digital mediums they can be advertised with fewer efforts.
  • Mobile games undoubtedly have the largest market share.


  • With over 5,000 apps published each day on Android, the mobile apps market is the most saturated.
  • Lack of quality control makes the entry of poor games possible.
  • All genres are not a fit for mobile devices to smaller screen sizes.

Besides these, some various advantages and disadvantages come with playing PC games and Mobile games.

Mobile games can be played anywhere anytime; the same is not the case with PC Games as it requires a dedicated system and set-up.

Consider a player is about to win a challenge or cross a level, and the power goes off? Alas! It has to be started all over again.

Power Outage causes a disruption to the PC Game lovers whereas with Mobile Games it can be continued or at least there is an idea about the charging level, which helps make an informed decision to play.

If there is a Memory Storage issue, it is always easy to delete unwanted apps form mobile and make space compared to that on a PC.

Mobile Battery low issues and warnings can be disrupting while playing games on it.

Calls interrupt games in mobile; this is not the case with PC Games. But likewise, Internet updates could cause a problem with PC games.

PC Games come entirely to a halt if the Wi-Fi goes out, whereas, Mobile games are not depended on Wi-Fi interruption as they can be played through mobile data which most people have nowadays despite dedicated Wi-Fi connection.

Both PC games and Mobile games are unique with the features and flexibility they offer, and there is a gaming community for both. With the rising boom of emerging games, it seems a matter of fact that both are here to stay and continue entertaining the hungry birds fond of this industry.